Bulgarian Rafting Federation is a non-profit organization for rafting in Bulgaria.


As a non profit organization our mission is to promote and develop rafting as a sport, tourist and recreational activity, bringing it to the level of European and World standards.


In year 2007 several rafting teams were formed, for men and women, participating in competitions and events of European than International significance: Euro cups in Austria and Serbia.
In 2008 we had several representations in Euro cups in Monte Negro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia. the first Euro cup in Bulgaria, European Championship in Austria.
2009 – Euro cups in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia. World Champs in Bosnia, World cup in Serbia.
In that year the first of its kind Regional Rafting Championship 2009 in Bulgaria was organized.
2010 - Euro cup in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia. World champs in The Netherlands.
First Bulgarian National Rafting Championship, Struma River.
2011 – Euro Cup in Serbia, Bosnia, Czech Republic. National Championship in Bulgaria. Representation at The WRC in Costa Rica.
One of our women’s teams was awarded first place for 2011 in the Overall Ranking, Euro Cup series.


There are several men and women teams run by local clubs: Bobri, Reflip, X-club, Arda, Arzus, Books and Adventures, White water team, Adventure Net. Most of them participate in competitions of regional, some of them competing on European and International level.


Since 2007, local clubs started supporting the attendance of Rafting guide trainings, IRF system in Bosnia & Herzegovina (Tara and Vrbas rivers) annually.
Since 2009, we organize guide training courses in Bulgaria, Struma River, IRF system, annually.
In 2009 and 2011 on WRC in Bosna and Costa Rica have been attended judge’s workshops, IRF system.


The beginning of rafting in Bulgaria is considered to be the year 1965 when a group of students from "Academic" student paleological club entered the River Ponora with inflatable boats.
Another official date is considered to be the 1-st and 2-nt of Maj 1971, when, with the support of the Bulgarian National Television ad the Sport Minister Ivan Slavkov, the first descend was made at Kresna gourge on Strima River.
Later a tradition was formed and every year tourists and enthusiasts perform many boat descends.


The best locations for rafting in Bulgaria are the Kresna Gorge on Struma River, Rivers Arda, Mesta and Iskar.


For a few years already clubs organize cleaning and conservation events at Struma River and other places.
The growing popularity of white water sports brings the attention of the local authorities and citizens as well, who support and get involved in the ecological and developmental projects of the rafting and white water societies in the area.